Beltronics STIR PLUS Radar Detector

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The radar detector for worldwide use

The Beltronics STIR Remote Radar Detector can be used anywhere in the world, including Germany, France, Italy, Australia, USA, Canada, South America, Europe, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Asia! It is thus an absolutely flexible all-rounder. He has to be, because, including the new GPS function, he is playing in the top league of the best radar monitors of all!

Nothing to see


If you do not want a radar detector to be seen on your dashboard or on the windshield, and still want excellent detection and absolute invisibility against police radar detectors, the Bel STIR remote is the right one.
Announcement of warnings via voice and LED indicator that warn the driver: X, K, Ka radar, police laser, instant-on radar and POP3 radar.

In addition to that, the Bel STIR can also be programmed for each Ka radar frequency in the world.

The Beltronics STIR remote is excellent for detecting hidden, “over-the-hill” Ka police radar traps, so that it always leaves you enough time. No other radar detector has 100% of invisibility to Spectre II, III Specter, VG2, VG4 and Stalcar radar detector-detectors. Professional drivers and drivers in Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia can definitely be convinced by the Beltronics STIR Plus Radar Detector.

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    • Ka-Band Selective Programming. This allows far greater performance and range against the Ka-based threats as scanning time is not being wasted on searching other frequencies.
    • Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology - Our new TotalShield Technology makes the STiR Plus completely invisible against any type of radar detector detector.
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Our patented AutoScan™ feature continuously analyzes all incoming signals and automatically rejects unwanted false alarms.
    • Next Generation of Laser Protection - Multiple laser sensors, strategically positioned in the case, continually search for laser gun signals.
    • Easy-To-Use Options and Controls - The STiR Plus is simple to use and operate.
    • Clear Digital Voice Alerts - The STiR Plus' easy to understand digital voice alerts keep you informed without taking your eyes off the road.
    • City Mode Filtering - Choose from two levels of City mode filters, including City Standard and City NoX for quiet operation in and around town.
    • Brightness Control with Full Dark Mode - The STiR Plus has four levels of brightness, including an "auto" mode which automatically changes the brightness based on the ambient light in the vehicle.