Blitzermaus Radar Warning System Navi, GPS Reminder



The GPS Reminder Blitzermaus with the best customer reviews and tests.

Absolutely “Easy to Use” with rechargeable batteries up to 22h or via the car plug or USB power supply permanent.


The Blitzermaus – GPS Reminder: Unwanted photos? Not with the Blitzermaus!

It warns reliably, discreetly and with a pleasant voice (or, if desired, only by LED) of the radar box, a traffic lights camera or the so-called Traffic Tower.
It’s the ideal traffic companion for self-control.
If the device is switched on, it first tries to log into the GPS satellite system. If it is connected securely with sufficient transmitters, it determines the position and is ready for use. This is indicated by the flashing light via the LED display – the ride can start relaxed.

More than 42,000 dangerous locations in all of Europe have already been deposited.

If one should not be deposited yet, it can be “learned & stored” immediately by the push of a button.

Here “Easy to Use” is the motto: You can use the GPS Reminder simply by utilizing the included battery.

This holds up to 22h of continuous operation and should you have the Blitzermaus in operation so intensively, it does not effect the lithium ion battery.
No memory effect – the device switches off automatically if you have not changed your position for 15min and it begins at the start of the engine by itself.
Of course, the device can also be supplied with power via the vehicle’s 12V socket, as well as via the USB interface, which can be found more and more frequently in cars. (The supplied 12V adapter also has a USB output with 5V, like most mobile phone chargers).

A particular highlight is the small design, which nevertheless is high-quality and very stable. Only 77 x 46 x 22mm and this at 68g weight.

A midget with such an effective performance! 

Our recommendation as a useful addition to the radar warning system or as a standalone solution for fixed systems.

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