Target Blu Eye



The new target Blu Eye

Very fresh arrived and this time no radar warning: the brand new Blu Eye from the Dutch company Target. The Blu Eye is based on the worldwide patented scanning technology of the new TETRA / BOS radio network, which is used in almost all of Europe, and is thus able to locate all emergency vehicles using the new digital wireless network (BOS) Approaching vehicles.

NOTE: The Blu Eye is NOT a RADARWARNER and is legal in all European countries.

A current map with the coverage of the entire BOS network can be found at the Bundesanstalt für Digitalefunk:

Progress indicator: The structure of the BOS digital radio network

The technology itself is so fresh that it is even ahead of the official expansion for the digital radio standard of its time. The Blu Eye can therefore only work where the EU network cover for utility vehicles has already been developed. Currently, the network is almost completed. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself about the current situation, especially for your location, independently on the above mentioned sources.

Updates: The Blu Eye will be updated regularly with new firmware and remain absolutely future-oriented.

BLU EYE in Austria: is not yet recommended as the radio system is currently not compliant with EU standards. A solution is in process.

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